Take Action

Contact your elected officials and ask for increased regulation to ensure transparent labeling for all avocado oil products.

At Chosen Foods, we believe it’s every consumer’s right to have confidence knowing the avocado oil they’re buying is 100% pure and authentic. For those who are interested in taking action, we've written this sample letter that anyone can use to reach out to their congressperson and ask for increased regulation to ensure transparent labeling for all avocado oil products.



Dear [Congressperson],

I am writing to urge you to consider stronger regulations and standards around the avocado oil industry, specifically with regards to purity and labeling. As a concerned consumer, I believe that it is important to ensure that the products we buy are of accurately labeled. There have been reports of fraudulent and low-quality avocado oil products being sold in the market. Some of these products may be diluted with cheaper oils or may not contain avocado oil at all. This is a serious concern as it is misleading and may lead me to buy a deceptive product. Stronger regulations and standards are necessary to protect consumers and ensure that the avocado oil industry operates with transparency and accountability. I would like to see regulations that require all avocado oil products to be labeled accurately. If other oils are mixed with Avocado Oil, the types of oils should be listed on the package because I have a right to know what I am consuming. I also believe that there should be penalties for companies that violate these regulations. This will help to deter bad actors in the industry and ensure that companies are held accountable for their actions. I appreciate your attention to this matter and urge you to consider taking action to strengthen regulations and standards in the avocado oil industry. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]