Our Commitment to Purity

At Chosen Foods, we take pride in our products and consumer trust has been our #1 priority since day one. That is why we guarantee every bottle of our 100% pure avocado oil is exactly that, 100% pure – never fake or mixed with seed oils. We test every batch we produce to ensure the highest purity and quality standards.

Our Testing Protocols

We test every batch of oil to make sure our products only contain 100% pure avocado oil. Our testing is done by analyzing our oil's fatty acid profile to ensure that it is in fact 100% pure avocado oil. Every oil (avocado, olive, canola, sunflower, etc.) has its own fatty acid profile that is unique and specific. By using this testing method, we can verify our oil's purity in every batch we produce, so consumers can trust that our oil is exactly what we claim – 100% pure avocado oil.