Quick Guide to a Healthier Valentine’s Day

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Quick Guide to a Healthier Valentine’s Day


Each year on February 14th, many people take their special “valentine” out on a dinner date for a night of indulgence. Some will exchange cards, flowers and gifts, but most commonly sugary treats. It’s hard not to be bombarded with gigantic boxes of chocolates and heart shaped candies when shopping this time of year, isn’t it? We know this, and that is why we created this quick guide to help you fight the temptations and plan a romantic date for your valentine without neglecting your health. If you both enjoy being active and care about being healthy, then why “cheat” on V-day? This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, which means you might be able to break the dinner date tradition and plan a day date. . . Who doesn’t love a good day date!?


V-Day Dates for the Health Enthusiast

These activities are not just for couples – get the whole family involved!

  1. Wake up early and cook a nutrient dense breakfast together: We highly recommend this Quinoa Frittata with Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onions. Getting an early start generally leads to a more productive, cheerful day!
  2. Go snowboarding or skiing: Never been? No problem! Most mountains offer beginner lessons. Gliding down the beautiful, snowy slopes together is such an exciting way to enjoy nature this time of year.
  3. Take a hike: If you live in area like our hometown of San Diego, CA, then take advantage of the great outdoors! Look up the top hiking trails in your city and try one you have never done.
  4. Run (or walk) a race together: Sign up for a fun race. This does not have to be a competitive activity – you can walk or jog and cross the finish line together!
  5. Take a fitness class together: If you both love fitness and are not afraid to break a good sweat, then try something new like: Yoga, Crossfit, Boxing, Pilates etc. You could even schedule a personal training session to make it a bit more intimate.
  6. Go on a bike ride: If seriously sweating is not your idea of fun or romance, then try a long leisurely bike ride. Try to plan a route ahead of time, preferably one with a little scenery. You can end the ride with a nice home cooked meal, like this easy to prepare Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bake. This date is simple, yet romantic and cost-effective.
  7. Take a cooking class: Cooking as a couple (or family) is a great way to bond. Taking a cooking class is an all around win – and hopefully you will leave with some new kitchen skills.
  8. Treat each other to a massage: If a spa day is not in your V-Day budget, then grab some massage oils and treat your loved one. Maybe the favor will be returned!
  9. Volunteer together: Connect with both your loved one(s) and your community by volunteering together. There are lots of ways you can volunteer your time, but here are some ideas: animal shelter, nursing home, food bank or community garden.
  10. See a local band: Tickets to see your favorite music artist might not be possible, but try looking up local shows. Music & dancing puts everyone in a good mood!
  11. Make your own sweet treats together: How do salted dark chocolate ganache truffles, chia jam chocolates and coconut almond chocolates sound? This DIY Box of Paleo Chocolateshas simple recipes for all of those!

Happy planning!