5 Ways to Pamper Your Mom (Without a Visit to the Spa)

Chosen Team

Whether it's your own mom, a friend with kids, or your grandmother, here are 5 ways to make her feel extra special and loved without breaking the bank on a trip to the spa.

5 ways to pamper your mom picnic

1. Take her on a picnic.

Pick up her favorite foods and find the perfect, peaceful spot. Pack some rosé and bring a speaker to play some nostalgic tunes. This is the perfect way to relax, unwind and connect.

2. Build her a self-care sanctuary.
Plants, books, crystals, candles – you name it. Gift her with all the items necessary for a special little space in her home that is all her own. She can utilize it for moments of solitude and self-care.

5 ways to pamper your mom outdoor sanctuary
3. Write her a gratitude list.
This is a great exercise for YOU but it will also mean a lot to your mom. Don't hold back, make it long, and include the tiny things. Warning: May cause tears.

4. Give her cupboards a make-over.
There are few things more gratifying than opening your cabinets and seeing order and organization, but it's not a fun job. Take the time to clean out her cupboards and re-stock her with natural, better-for-you products (like Chosen Foods, of course 😉).  She will be pleasantly surprised that you did the dirty work.

5. Cook her a healthy dinner.

Show up at her place, whip up a nourishing meal, and do all the dishes. This is especially great if food happens to be her love language. 💚