5 Reasons You Should Buy Bulk Chia Seeds

Chosen Team

5 Reasons You Should Buy Bulk Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are gaining in popularity by the second. It seems every place you look, blogs, grocery shelves, packaged foods, even a growing number of beverages are using the nutrient packed seed! But like all hot commodities, an increase in demand, usually means an increase in price. Chosen Foods will always be committed to keeping our prices as low as we can, typically striving for the lowest in the industry. We do this by working directly with farmers, helping them increase crop yields and decrease agricultural costs. We cut out the middleman, helping to secure the great price we pass on to our customers.

Even with our commitment to providing low chia seed prices, you will always save money buying in bulk. Chosen Foods offers both 10 pound and 25 pound sizes of chia seeds at a discount price per pound.  Think that 25 pounds of bulk chia seeds is way too much chia for you? You would be surprised how fast you go through them! Many of our customers divide the bulk boxes up between friends and family, others are using it to make homemade pet food and still others are just stocking up, keeping enough on hand for emergency food preparedness and other long term uses. Here are 5 great reasons why buying bulk chia seeds might be a good idea for you too.


  1. Bulk Chia Seeds Last Forever

Not literally forever, but chia seeds have an average shelf life of 4-5 years when stored properly.  Chia seeds have more antioxidants than blueberries and are partly to credit for their long shelf life.  Even chia seed gel will last in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks.

  1. Sharing is Caring

Have a lot of friends who enjoy chia seeds too? Consider buying in bulk and sharing the wealth! Many of our customers split up bulk chia seed orders with friends, family and co-workers.

  1. Chia Seed Uses Are Endless

Wondering how you would ever use up 10 or even 25 lbs of seeds? If you’re using on a daily basis (4-6 tbs a day), a one pound bag from the health food store will only last you about a week. Most people probably aren’t consuming that much chia, but even half of that leaves you buying 2lbs a month! With chia seeds long shelf life,  you could save some serious cash buying in bulk. Just transfer the seeds to a mason jar or other small container to use everyday. Find awesome recipes to use your chia on our blog, like this one for chia seed oatmeal, or this one for chia seed sloppy joes! Or we have a great list of different way you could use chia seed gel, too!

  1. Chia Seeds are great for Pets

Most pet foods have terrible ingredients. Fillers and byproducts, GMO’s and artificial flavorings, YUCK. The brands with a better ingredient list are expensive and if you have a pet that eats like a small horse, that can get pretty pricy. Consider making your own pet food, or even supplementing the expensive stuff with chia seeds.  Because the seeds have no odor and no discernable taste, your pet won’t even realize you’ve just fortified his dinner with protein, calcium, fiber and omega-3.

  1. An emergency preparedness staple

In the event of a catastrophic event like a natural disaster or homeland attack, being prepared could be your families best chance at survival. Keeping a stocked preparedness kit in your home filled with food, water and supplies is key. Chia seeds are absolutely essential to this kit. The long shelf is one reason, but the nutrient value and versatility of the bulk chia seed is unlike any other dry ingredient. Chia seeds can be eaten plain, soaked in liquid, even sprouted or planted. They are also high in nutrients that could be hard to acquire during an emergency time like omega-3’s and magnesium.