4 Go-to Grilling Recipes for Father's Day with Avocado Oil

Chosen Team

Grilling with Chosen Foods Pure Avocado Oil

Welcome to the ultimate grilling guide for Father's Day! With the special occasion just around the corner, it's time to fire up the grill and treat Dad to a mouthwatering feast. To make this Father's Day unforgettable, we've handpicked four go-to summertime grilling recipes with avocado oil that are sure to impress. Pick and choose your favorites or make all four for an indulgent meal complete with an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Get your grill on and enjoy! 

Why Avocado Oil is Great for Grilling

Before we get to the recipes, we wanted to share all the ways that avocado oil is great for grilling recipes & can enhance your grilling experience. With its flavor profile & numerous benefits, avocado oil is a game-changer in the world of grilling.

Flavor Profile

What makes avocado oil so versatile is it’s mild & neutral flavor profile. Whether you’re grilling chicken, fish, vegetables, or even fruits, avocado oil adds a subtle, buttery taste that enhances the natural flavors of your ingredients without overpowering them. It’s a perfect companion for both savory and sweet dishes on the grill.

High Smoke Point

Avocado oil's smoke point, up to 500F, means it won't break down or produce harmful compounds when exposed to high heat. This makes it ideal for searing and grilling, as it retains its nutritional properties and imparts a delicious flavor to your favorite dishes.

Recipe #1: Chile Lime Grilled Prawns

These chile lime grilled prawns are an easy, quick, and flavorful summer cookout recipe. The combination of zesty lime and spicy chiles creates an irresistible marinade that perfectly compliments the sweetness of the prawns. Made with Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil, it makes the recipe nutritious and flavorful.
Chile Lime Grilled Prawns Recipe with Avocado Oil

Recipe #2: Marinated Flank Steak Fajitas

For these steak fajitas, the flank steak is marinated in our Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing & Marinade to give it the perfect texture and flavor. With only five ingredients and a cooking time of 30 minutes, these fajitas are guaranteed to please. With a range of different toppings, this recipe is great for families to get hands on and build their own fajitas.

Additional Tips for Perfectly Grilling Your Steak

When grilling your steak on a cast iron, we recommend using pure avocado oil. It’s truly a game changer that brings out the best flavors and textures. Not only does avocado oil excel in heat tolerance, but it also imparts a mild, buttery flavor that enhances the natural taste of the steak. It acts as a fantastic binder for seasoning and spices, allowing them to adhere to the meat and infuse it with delicious flavors. The result is a perfectly seasoned steak with a rich mouthwatering taste.

Marinated Flank Steak Fajitas Recipe


Recipe #3: Mexican Grilled Corn with Lime Mayo Crema

Mexican grilled corn, or "elote" in spanish, is a staple in our summer BBQ's. It also makes the perfect side dish for your tacos and tequila. Enjoy this easy version, made with Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo, fresh lime juice, and chili powder for the perfect sweet, tangy, and spicy side.

Chosen Foods Mayo is made with 100% pure avocado oil, cage-free eggs, organic vinegar, organic mustard, and spices. It’s rich and slightly tangy—perfect for everyday use. It’s our clean take on a classic spread.

Mexican Grilled Corn with Lime Mayo Crema Recipe

Recipe #4: Grilled Pineapple & Toasted Coconut Sundae

Enjoy the summertime flavor of this grilled pineapple & toasted coconut sundae recipe, making it the perfect dessert for a BBQ. The combination of caramelized grilled pineapple, cool vanilla ice cream, and savory toasted coconut flakes for a dessert that is out of this world.

To help the pineapple from sticking to your grill, we recommend using Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray. It helps coat the grill evenly & allows you to achieve those perfectly caramelized & grill-marked results.

Grilled Pineapple & Toasted Coconut Sundae Recipe

Celebrate Father's Day with Delicious Foods


These four go-to easy grilling recipes are the ultimate way to honor and celebrate the special fathers in your life. The carefully crafted flavors, with the joy of grilling, create a memorable experience that Dad will cherish.

As always, Chosen Foods is here for all your grilling needs. Our 100% pure avocado oil is never fake or mixed with seed oils so you're getting only the good stuff from our avocado oil. Shop our pure avocado oil either online or in-store.