12 Tips for Self-Care During the Holidays

Chosen Team

To live intentionally is to make time for matters of importance. With that in mind, you are the most important person in your life and should treat yourself as such. Here are our top tips for implementing self-care habits in your life during the holiday season.

Food & Drink

hot drink by the fireplace

1. Hot Drink by the Fire

Warm those toots by the flame! Sitting (or laying… on a faux fur rug) next to the fireplace is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself. If you want to read or enjoy a cookie, have at it, but there’s also so much delight to be found in simply being warm and cozy. Let yourself fall asleep to your favorite album, a movie in the background, or crackling maple logs on the fire.

mindful eating and socializing

2. Mindful Eating

One of the biggest components to self-care is mindfulness. Being present is a gift to yourself that makes each day brighter and more pleasurable, and that extends to mindful eating.

having fun while cooking

3. Cooking for Enjoyment

No-pressure cooking is a real treat—even more of a treat than the end result. For an enjoyable afternoon, take yourself to the grocery store and buy a cornucopia of fun ingredients without a plan. Set off on a cooking adventure that’s more about the journey than the destination.

person holding glass of wine

4. Glass of Wine or Mocktail

No explanation necessary. 🍷🍹

Quiet Time

peaceful meditation

5. Meditation

Turn your focus inward to your breath with a few minutes of meditation per day. If you’re new to meditation, guided sessions like those from Headspace or Sam Harris’ Waking Up can be incredibly helpful for learning the ins and outs of letting it all go.

Person taking a morning hike

6. Morning Hikes

Welcome the new day with a sunrise hike in the woods. The smell of fallen leaves and the sun streaming through the trees will awaken your soul faster than a double espresso! If the woods aren’t accessible enough in your area, walk your favorite three mile circuit, then grab a cup of joe at your local cafe.

woman painting

7. Take on a Crafting Project

There’s nothing like making something with your own hands to inspire a feeling of confidence.

  • Jewelry making
  • Knitting 
  • Make a Christmas ornament


woman eating at restaurant

8. Take Yourself to Dinner & a Movie

Who needs company? You are the best date you know! The truth is, many people prefer not to take themselves out, but self-dates are great for practicing independence. Compromising is great and important when with company, but there’s something to be said for treating yourself to exactly what you want when you want it.

chocolate dessert

9. Splurge on Dessert

Make a point to stop by that bougie French chocolate shop you’ve only been to once and pick out a box of adventurous truffles to enjoy on your own time.

Peaceful Prep

chopping herbs for meal prep

10. Spend Less Time Cooking

Though it’s inevitable that the holidays may bring stress, prepping your meals ahead of time is one way to ensure your cortisol levels don’t go haywire. Read our blog “10 Tips for Peaceful Meal Prep” for some ideas on how to cut down on cooking time when you’re especially busy.


family eating dinner together

11. Friends, Family & Fun

Spending time alone is the ultimate expression of self-care for many, but not all. If getting together with your gals or guys is what lights you up, be sure to make time for that amidst all of the work parties and family dinners. Conversely, you may not usually get enough time with your parents or grandparents and have extra opportunities to see them during the holidays. There’s no right or wrong to self care. You’ll know what works for you by answering the simple question, “What do I need to feel more balanced today?”

family hiking together

12. Go Giftless

Limiting or eliminating gift-giving in families is a growing trend. Many people feel they already have what they need and would rather use the money spent on gifts for experiences with their loved ones. Others opt to donate money, toys, or food to those who don’t have everything they need. If this is something you’re interested in, talk to your family and see how they feel about the idea.